KASK releases safety helmets for U.S., Canada markets

The new Primero series is the result of 20 years of KASK helmet design and manufacturing innovations. (Courtesy: KASK)

KASK, a designer and manufacturer of head protection, has introduced its Primero series of safety helmets for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

After the successful launch to the EU market, KASK introduced two new Primero versions, one compliant with the American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 and the other with the Canadian standard for Industrial Protective Headwear CSA Z94.1-15.

“The strategic launch of Primero expands our product portfolio, allowing KASK to support even more users’ needs for upgraded head protection. As we move forward, Primero will be an important part of the KASK mission to enhance safety and performance in the workplace,” said Fabio Cardarelli, KASK America CEO.

The new Primero series is the result of 20 years of KASK helmet design and manufacturing innovations. This history enabled KASK to develop a helmet that optimized key components, making manufacturing more efficient, while maintaining comfort and safety that has become the brand’s calling card.

Primero was developed to provide advanced head protection that was easy to use for a wide variety of wearers in a wide variety of applications. To aid in this goal, Primero series helmets are ready-made to accept a range of KASK safety accessories, including many that are used with the well-known Zenith X series helmets. Primero safety helmets are available in vented and closed shell and in a variety of colors.

“Companies told us they wanted a helmet that provided an easy path to upgrade their level of protection from a hardhat,” said Alex Dabelstein, VP of Sales, KASK America. “The Primero provides this path, in a lightweight helmet that utilizes proven KASK comfort and design technologies, while maintaining KASK’s commitment to worker safety and performance.”

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