Largest MMZ G Gantry Measuring Machine from Carl Zeiss


Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology recently set up the largest MMZ G gantry measuring machine. This highly accurate coordinate measuring machine has a measuring range of 5 x 11 x 3.5 meters which is excellent for the measurements of wind turbine components.

Gearboxes are a major part of all wind turbines, and the quality requirements are high. The industry has to meet these requirements, despite the fact that not many manufacturers have been able to produce such large gearboxes. Also, with the prospect that the new offshore systems being created, the size of the units will have to increase further. All this means that manufacturers have been faced with the problem of going into large-scale production not knowing the quality requirements for such large pieces of machinery. Gears—ring gear, sun gear, and planets—bearings, and housings have to be produced with tolerances down to 1/100mm on components with 4m and more in diameter. It is no longer possible to machine these parts without specific measures to ensure the quality: The parts are too expensive to produce rejects. So a reliable control of the manufacturing process has to be installed, in real time to the machining. Finally, there is the MMZ G for really large, precision-engineered components. The flexible modular system of the MMZ G line enables full customization. Currently, measuring ranges of up to 5 meters in X, 11 meters in Y and 3.5 meters in Z are available. Additional dimensions are available upon request. On the largest model, the linear measuring uncertainty MPEE is no more than 7+L/250 µm. Combined with proven ZEISS measuring technology, the gantry design ensures the reliability of the results.

MMZ G coordinate measuring machines can accommodate parts on the ground or on a clamping plate. Special loading systems considerably reduce downtimes. For example, a pneumatic pallet system was developed for a manufacturer of printing machines to keep set-up times short and optimally utilize the capacity of the measuring machine. Together with CAD-based CALYPSO® measuring software, VAST® technology from Carl Zeiss optimizes measuring processes. It can deliver form, size, and position information, and also determine the roundness of parts in a single measuring run. Make inquiries by calling (800) 327-9735, e-mailing, or visiting