Learn how Timken creates the power behind the power at WINDPOWER 2019


The Timken Company, a world leader in engineered bearings and power transmission products, has built a powerful portfolio of solutions aimed at helping wind-turbine operators and manufacturers improve the reliability of their assets and move the industry forward.

At American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) WINDPOWER 2019, May 20–23 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, attendees can tap into the power behind the power at Booth #1221. Timken wind experts will be there to discuss the latest technologies for improving wind-turbine performance while minimizing costly, unanticipated repairs that continue to affect operators in all parts of the world.

“Timken’s extensive testing and development has pioneered stronger solutions for the wind industry,” said Rick Brooks, wind-energy sales manager for Timken. “Our commitment to advancing wind energy has resulted in a broad array of power transmission products that have shown to reduce spending and drive down cost per kilowatt hour for our customers. We focus on the complete project life cycle to increase annual energy production at wind farms around the world.”

AWEA attendees can visit the Timken booth to learn about innovations for improving the life cycles of critical components in wind turbines, including:

Superior Coupling Technology: Timken imagined a better way to transmit torque between the gearbox and generator while protecting attached components from overload and stray currents. Next-generation Lovejoy® couplings, bolted to an AeroTorque WindTC™ torque control, are now available for 2-MW-plus turbines. These innovative couplings integrate directly with the generator hub, include an anti-flail feature and use a composite fiberglass spacer for weight and cost efficiencies. A standard torque limiter offers protection against peak loads, primarily protecting the coupling from damage during torque spikes, while an AeroTorque-enabled coupling provides added advantages such as reducing peak torque by up to 40 percent and reducing torque oscillations up to 70 percent to extend gearbox life. Together, Lovejoy and AeroTorque are part of a stronger technical solution for making reliable gearbox-to-generator connections.

Field-Proven, Wear-Resistant Mainshaft Bearings: Recently, Timken analyzed a mainshaft spherical roller bearing that had seen seven years of demanding service. The bearing, which had been removed due to nonrelated issues, was one of the first to use a proprietary surface coating developed by Timken that greatly minimizes steel-to-steel contact. Examination revealed little-to-no adhesive wear and no evidence of the bearing entering the next stages of damage. Timken estimates the bearing would have operated 15 to 20 years, giving wind-energy producers a new option to consider when it comes to avoiding the pain of costly down-tower repairs.

Case-Carburized Bearings to Resist Cracking: White-etching cracks (WECs) remain a leading cause of gearbox bearing failure. Timken offers carburized bearings that can better withstand WEC propagation compared to standard through-hardened bearings, which can result in more than double the product life in demanding applications.

Timken also provides wind-farm operators the support they need to take greater control of their operation. In an industry that sees new challenges every day, H&N Wind Power Systems by Timken can keep you online from routine inspections to unexpected overhauls. The expert team at H&N has solved problems safely, professionally and efficiently since 2002, offering a full suite of up-tower services, including gearbox oil changes, bearing replacements, shaft repair, and carbon brush replacements, as well as large corrective work including complete generator rebuilds.

It takes stronger products and people to reach new heights in wind energy, and at AWEA 2019, attendees can tap into both by getting to know Timken and its complete inventory of solutions for most turbine models. Onshore and offshore, Timken applies its expertise to the smallest and largest platforms, giving you access to a powerful combination of OEM-certified techs, experienced engineering teams and bearing and power transmission experts who can generate a positive ROI for your operation.

More info: timken.com/wind-energy