Leosphere launches new tech for wind measurement

WindCube Complex Terrain Ready delivers wind measurement in terrains from moderate to complex. (Courtesy: Vaisala)

Leosphere has launched WindCube Complex Terrain Ready, to deliver wind measurement in terrains from moderate to the most complex.

The offering includes Leosphere’s patented Flow Complexity Recognition (FCR) software, and the Computational Fluid Dynamics correction method to deliver accurate and trusted measurement.

“With wind energy being one of the fastest-growing sources of sustainable energy production, the location of wind farm development and operations have expanded to new and challenging environments,” said David Pepy, Leosphere’s head of renewable energy.

“This expansion into hilly, mountainous and other areas with varying levels of terrain complexity, make it challenging to collect trusted and precise wind measurements that illustrate what the wind is doing in these increasingly complicated locations. That’s where our solutions come in to ensure project operators realize precise data in all types of complex terrain,” Pepy said.

With WindCube Complex Terrain Ready, companies have easy access to both FCR and CFD correction services, empowering wind farm developers with accurate, reliable, bankable, and widely accepted wind flow data. The integrated FCR solution is appropriate for moderately complex terrain while CFD post-processing, available as an option through partnerships with wind energy leaders and consultants, is leveraged for more complex terrain. In some cases, customers use both FCR and CFD data to ensure the highest possible wind measurement outcomes.

The company has partnered with proven CFD industry leaders, including Meteodyn and WindSim, and wind energy consultants such as ArcVera, Deutsche WindGuard, DNV, Fraunhofer IWES, and UL, to ensure WindCube customers have access to the right CFD solution and industry expert support to meet their specific needs.

MORE INFO  https://www.vaisala.com/en/lp/windcube-complex-terrain-ready