Mariah Power Changes Name to Windspire Energy


Mariah Power, developer of the Windspire® vertical axis wind turbine,  announces a corporate name change to Windspire Energy, Inc. The name simplifies the branding of the company and its lead product, while leveraging the innovation of the Windspire wind turbine. In conjunction with the name change the company  has also launched, a new buyer-focused Web site with information on the many available applications of Windspire wind turbines.

The Windspire is a vertical axis wind turbine designed for use in urban, suburban, and rural areas. The unique design of the rotor enables the turbine to generate energy silently while standing just 30 feet tall. Hundreds of Windspires are currently powering homes, businesses, schools, and museums across the United States. Recently the company announced the installation of 20 Windspires at the headquarters of leading software company Adobe Systems in San Jose, California (see article in this issue).

“We are focused on delivering renewable energy solutions that are elegant in their simplicity,” says Walt Borland, president and CEO. “The corporate name change is just one example of how we are simplifying everything that we do, including our brand.”

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the Windspire is eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit and many local rebates that can be as much as $4,800.00. In 11 mph average annual winds a Windspire will generate about 2,000 kWh over the course of a year. The thin profile of the Windspire allows customers to easily scale-up the number of turbines to meet higher energy needs.

Windspires are currently manufactured in Michigan and are available through a network of certified dealers who are trained to do site evaluations, installations, and to facilitate permitting and local rebate redemptions. Visit to learn more, or to locate a dealer near you.