Mediaco Maxlift Raises Tower at French Port


Crane service provider Mediaco Maxilift recently lifted the tower of a dockside crane from its base at a French port to make it possible to perform necessary maintenance work. In order to safely lift the 414-tonne (456 US tons) load and then place it back on its base, the company relied on the powerful performance of a TerexTM CC 2800 lattice boom crawler crane.

The two lifts brought several challenges for the Mediaco team from the start: On the one hand, the wharf’s structure was not designed to bear the joint weight of the CC 2800 and its load. “In order not to damage the structure, we placed steel beams under the CC 2800’s crawler tracks in order to better distribute the weight,” explains Mediaco Maxilift project manager Robert Titart. On the other hand, the load’s center of gravity proved to be an obstacle in performing the lift safely. In order to solve this problem, a custom-made spreader was used to balance the load with the required precision. However, the spreader added 11.5 tons (12.6 US tons) to the load being lifted, increasing the total weight to 433 tons (477 US tons) together with the 4.5-tonne (4.9 US tons) hook block and the 3-tonne (3.3 US tons) rigging cables and chains.

The Mediaco team set up the CC 2800 with an SSL configuration, a 54-meter main boom, a superstructure counterweight of 160 tons (176 US tons), and a Superlift counterweight of 300 tons (330 US tons), and decided to use a Superlift radius of 15 meters (49 ft.). With this configuration, the CC 2800 was perfectly prepared to safely lift the load and put it back down later within the required working radius of 16 meters (52 ft).

The Terex® CC 2800 is a lattice boom crawler crane with a remarkable level of versatility. For instance, it can be converted from a standard crane to a special-purpose crane for wind turbine projects — and back. This includes a rigid luffing fly jib (LF2) with a length of 12, 24, or 36 meters that was developed specifically with wind power-related applications in mind. The crane’s rated lifting capacity is 600 tons with a reach of seven meters, while its maximum load moment is 7,056 mt.

The undercarriage is available in two different models: the standard version and with a chassis designed for road travel. The basic machine, including all winches and the A-frame, can be transported within a 12-ton axle load limit.

The high level of flexibility provided by these options and features saves time and money during transportation, setup, and disassembly, providing for a high level of cost-effectiveness in the process.  Moreover, the time-tested control system, featuring remote radio control capabilities, makes it possible to operate the TerexTM CC2800 easily, safely, and comfortably no matter what the operating conditions.

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