MFG Marks Wind Blade Milestone


The Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG), announces that the company’s plant in Gainesville, Texas, celebrated the shipment of their 1,000th set of 37-meter composite wind blades. Located 60 miles north of Dallas in the wind farm hotbed of the United States, the 155,000 square-foot facility has been manufacturing wind blades since 1997 and employs approximately 200 skilled workers. The shipment marking the milestone was comprised of 37-meter blades, for 1500kw turbines. This factory has also produced another 500 sets of other blades ranging from 24 to 34 meters.

MFG Texas is part of the Molded Fiber Glass Companies, which has been manufacturing wind turbine components since the 1988. Today wind turbine components comprise one of MFG’s largest business segments. With two factories building wind blades, two factories building nacelles, and one factory building spinners, MFG is one of North America’s leading supplier of composite components for the wind industry. They currently have wind component manufacturing facilities in Ohio, South Dakota, California, Alabama, and Texas.

“What’s interesting to consider is that collectively these blades have generated on the order of 4,234,000,000 kwh of electricity—enough power to supply 1,154,000 average households,” according to Gary Kanaby, director of sales for wind energy. “Our team is gratified to be part of an industry that is poised to make a meaningful contribution to cleaner, independent energy generation for North America.”

MFG is unique among suppliers of composite components to turbine equipment manufacturers, both in output capacity and in composite manufacturing technology. Well known around the world for pioneering the mass production of commercial products out of composites, the company’s internal R&D center is still at the forefront of innovation for composite materials and processes. For example, MFG’s newest 325,000 square-foot blade facility in Aberdeen, South Dakota, opened in 2007, is the most advanced facility of its kind with an automated spray booth and robotic root drilling.

Molded Fiber Glass Companies is a leader in the field of reinforced plastics and composites, serving diverse markets with a variety of composite material systems. The company has 16 operating entities in the United States and Mexico, strategically focused to supply high value, high quality products and manufacturing services for applications such as wind energy, automotive, heavy truck, defense, and construction. For more information on the company’s wind component manufacturing capabilities e-mail Kanaby at or visit