Mini-Dynafile II Abrasive Belt Machine from Dynabrade


Dynabrade’s Mini-Dynafile II is a lightweight air-powered abrasive belt machine for grinding, blending, and deburring in normally inaccessible areas. Running at 25,000 RPM, the Mini-Dynafile II utilizes 1/8” to 1/2” wide x 12” long abrasive belts. The tool accepts coated and abrasive impregnated non-woven nylon belts. The multi-positioning grinding head pivots 180°, ideal for grinding into hard to reach areas. The lightweight, composite housing reduces vibration and is thermal insulated to prevent cold air transmission to the operator’s hands. The air motor is also adjustable to the most comfortable throttle lever position. Eight different contact arms are also available for a wide variety of distinct applications. The tool is excellent for finishing and deburring within narrow openings. It is also ideal for blending stainless steel and grinding right angle welds. The lightweight, compact design of the tool suits a wide range of users. A Mini-Dynafile II Versatility Kit is also offered that includes the tool, contact arms, various abrasive belts, and a threaded collet for easy conversion to a die grinder.

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