MobileCal Accredited Through A2LA


MobileCal, Inc., has been certified by A2LA (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) of Maryland as accredited by certificate number 3040.01 which assures customers that its quality system meets the requirements of ISO 17025 proficiency testing and proves the validity of its documentation and test results. As this scope of accreditation had never been granted previously, MobileCal had to establish new standards before the process of certification could begin. This process delivers heavy industry a new level of quality and process documentation not available before which will improve process resulting in the prevention of large scale industrial accidents and other injuries. The process took about three years to complete, mainly due to the fact there exists no published standards for the calibration of hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches of high capacities. Process has been established for decades for the calibration of small sized torque wrenches used in manufacturing and assembly, such as those below 1,000 ft/lbs.

MobileCal’s target market is heavy industry, with the majority of their customer’s tools being larger in capacity. By adapting established procedures to the larger sized equipment the company was able to bring a higher level of quality and process documentation to the heavy industrial marketplace. Because of their work establishing the new procedures, MobileCal was able to become the world’s first accredited organization for mobile calibration of hydraulic and pneumatic wrenches.

MobileCal is the world’s oldest and largest provider of on-site calibrations for high capacity torque wrenches. In their five service vans and in-house laboratory they provide calibrations of hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual torque wrenches up to 20,000 ft/lbs for industries such as natural gas pipelines, power generation, wind turbine construction and maintenance, and petrochemical facilities. For more information contact Thomas Smith at (316) 686-3010, or go to