Motion Solutions for Clean Energy Applications from Thomson


Thomson introduces the 2010 Guide to Motion Solutions for Clean Energy Applications. The guide reviews some of the most significant considerations that design engineers should take into account to maximize the reliability, accuracy and efficiency of their solar panel and wind energy machines, with specific information on the benefits that linear actuators, precision linear actuators, and screw jacks can bring to these challenging applications.

Robust linear actuators from Thomson are an easy to apply ‘green’ alternative to hydraulic or manual actuation,” according to Rob Gallagher, marketing communications manager, global. “Design engineers will benefit from a wide range of actuator platforms with flexible design and envelope possibilities to meet the diverse requirements for solar tracking systems and the key operating components of wind power, and this guide is designed to help them quickly and easily start to navigate the options.”

Thomson industrial linear actuators are engineered to deliver robust, reliable operation in the wide ranging outdoor conditions a clean energy facility is likely experience. Their industrial linear actuator products feature proven weather protection (ranging from IP56-67) to provide maintenance free 20-year life based on one complete cycle per day. Thomson’s proven power drive units can hold static loads of up to 4000lbs and provide superior resistance to back driving in high wind conditions. Temperature ratings cover significantly varied conditions, ranging from -40F to +185 F. The Thomson screw jack product line provides reliability and versatility in a variety of clean energy applications. Technically mature and with an easy-to-mount rectangular housing, they are easily extended to form wide-area jack systems with the aid of a wide range of accessories. Call (540) 633-3549, e-mail, or go online to