Moventas Wins Contract to Supply New 5MW Offshore Wind Gears to Areva


Moventas continues to strengthen its offshore capability with its 5MW medium speed wind gear. In the beginning of May, Moventas delivered two 5MW offshore wind gears to AREVA Wind. The two companies have signed an 80 million euro agreement on future deliveries.

After approximately one year of testing, Moventas and AREVA Wind, subsidiary of the multi-national energy industry group AREVA, will be ready for series deliveries. Moventas and AREVA Wind have signed an agreement worth 80 million euros concerning 5MW gear unit deliveries for the coming years.

“We are very pleased to find that AREVA Wind trusts our leading expertise and over 30-year history in creating technically superior gear solutions for medium-speed and multi-megawatt class drive trains”, comments Senior Vice President of Wind Gears with Moventas, Arto Lahtela.

The new offshore gear will strengthen the Moventas product range, especially for the European markets, where the demand for offshore wind turbines is showing promising signs of growth. Challenging offshore conditions set extremely high requirements for both product design and manufacturing technologies. Moventas provides AREVA Wind’s international offshore wind expansion with a reliable medium speed offshore wind gear.

With a rated power of 5 MW, AREVA’s M5000 wind turbine with its innovative medium-speed concept has now three years operational experience in the German North Sea, and the group is now moving into serial production with its confirmed backlog of 120 machines. Beyond this AREVA is aiming at strong international expansion, with a focus on the European markets, and in particular United Kingdom and France.

Mikael Laine President & CEO Moventas companies. For more information, visit