N.C. governor signs Executive Order NO. 80


North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed Executive Order NO. 80: North Carolina’s Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy.

The order directs state agencies in North Carolina to take several steps to address and mitigate the impacts from climate change. This Executive Order creates an environment that will expand the opportunity for both land-based and offshore wind in North Carolina by moving the state further towards a clean energy economy, according to the Southeastern Wind Coalition (SEWC).

In addition to significantly expanding the opportunity for wind energy in the state, EO 80 also addresses the growing opportunity for workforce development. As the offshore wind industry moves to the U.S., states must take early and intentional action in order to capture some of the 40,000 jobs this industry is expected to bring. The workforce study outlined in Executive Order 80 is exactly the kind of forward-looking step that signals to the industry that North Carolina is serious about its desire and intentions to be a meaningful participant in the offshore wind industry.

The SEWC expressed its gratitude to Gov. Cooper for his forward-looking vision and recognition of the benefits wind energy can provide both to North Carolina’s generation portfolio, and the state’s economy.

More info: www.sewc.org