National Wind Technician Organization Formed


The National Wind Technician Organization is able to provide safety training services for all personnel involved in the process of building, maintaining, operating, and managing wind turbines and wind sites.

Scott Battles, National Wind Technician Organization’s Northwest and Midwest Operations Manager stated, “My father was an OSHA compliance officer. I did not realize that having him hammer safety into my head when I was young would be such a strong focus later in my life.”

Battles is a professional wind technician and wind industry educator who carries a “great interest in and passion for the safety of the wind industry professionals.” In his role as educator, Battles follows his father’s lead, preaching safety to his students every day.

Battles holds certifications from FCC licenses to G.E. 1.5 wind turbines to Microwave which have been a surprisingly good mix of knowledge bases.

A solid and unique background in communication electronics, railway, wind turbines and wind farm construction enables Battles to provide professionals and students with first-hand knowledge, along with practical experience when discussing various aspects of products, service, and safety topics.

At the opposite side of the country Matthew Soto serves as National Wind Technician Organization’s Southwest Operations Manager.

“We are certified to train individuals in the use of the Skylotec Milan rescue and evacuation devices. We can train you and your employees in harness inspection, basic rescue techniques and evacuation techniques all at your site or location. Membership to the National Wind Technician Organization will entitle members to a discount on equipment, for example, harnesses, rescue devices, etc.”

Soto has been in the wind industry for more than six years and comes to the National Wind Technician Organization with experience in operations and maintenance, commissioning, site construction, large corrective, recruitment, technical and safety training. Recently, Soto has been focusing on the safety aspect of training entry-level wind technicians in the use of fall protection and working at heights training and has spent a year-and-a-half as a technical instructor and safety trainer. Soto is certified in the following areas:


• Miller Fall Protection Competent Person

• Skylotec Competent Person (Milan A-024 and A-020)

• Siemens Level 2 Basic Harness Instructor

• Siemens Safety and Rescue Instructor, basic rescue and basic evacuation 

• ICM Personal Fall Protection Equipment Product Knowledge


Additional members of the National Wind Technician Organization team are:


• Nancy C. Caralla, East Coast & International Operations Manager

• Mike Kyes, ITT Administrator

• Paul Bosworth, UK Division Administrator

• Tony DelMonaco, Organization Photographer


National Wind Technician Organization is preparing to open individual memberships for professional wind technicians, wind industry educators, wind industry safety professionals and construction professionals worldwide.

Memberships are expected to be available in September, featuring the National Wind Technician Organization “Turbine Card,” filled with tailored discounts from well-known vendors, franchises, and companies only for National Wind Technician Organization members and handpicked by the organization.

A few membership partners offering their tailored discounts are: La Quinta Inns & Suites, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The “Turbine Card” will be offered at the low one-year membership fee of  $50.00 USD. Students receive a 25 percent discount off the yearly membership fee: $37.50 USD. Student ID is required.

For more information, visit or email: