New Active Harmonic Filter from Arteche


Arteche PQ, Inc.—a leading manufacturer of electrical power quality equipment for the improvement of power factor and reduction of harmonic distortion—has introduced a complete range of active harmonic filters. This new filter product line achieves 5 percent total harmonic current distortion (THD) by monitoring the flow of harmonic currents on a power system and injecting the precise amount of cancellation current that will reduce the harmonics to minimal levels. This new range of filters is UL listed and extends all the way from 25 amps (harmonic cancellation current) to 1200 amps.

Gary Anderson, president and general manager, says that “Our new AHF series of filters rounds out our complete offering of harmonic filters and expands our ability to serve customers with the latest technology of solutions. The new AHF is a valuable addition to the other five technologies that Arteche offers for mitigating harmonics.”

The Arteche Group is a privately held European manufacturer that has been in business for over 60 years. Their corporate headquarters is located in northern Spain with eight manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Their products are used globally by utilities, as well as commercial and industrial customers. With more than 1,500 employees, including 450 engineers, Artech produces electrical equipment for low-, medium-, and high-voltage electrical systems. Arteche PQ, Inc., a Wisconsin corporation and subsidiary of Arteche Group, specializes in the design and manufacture of products that improve electrical efficiency and the quality of electrical power in a facility, on a transmission grid, or on an electrical distribution network. They are a single source for virtually all harmonic filter technologies in use today, including low pass harmonic filters, 18-pulse converters, tuned filters, automatic harmonic filters, dynamic, soft switching filters, and active filters. For more information call (262) 754-3883 or go to