New Blade Finishing Robotic System from IDPSA


The third generation of the RAPA G3 multi-processing system has been developed to reduce the time of all machining and finishing work for wind blades, aerospace components, and other oversized parts. The RAPA G3 is a robotic machine tool platform designed with a double workstation supporting a wide variety of applications and processes. The platform uses a high accuracy double modular rack and pinion drive system from Parker Hannifin to create any X-axis length required. The modular rack and pinion drive system is fixed to the factory floor. A workholding platform is moved by the rack and pinion drive system, above which is fitted an anthropomorphic KUKA robot with automatic tool change.

The wind blade-finishing robotic system works over a 50x15x6 m (164x49x20 ft) standard area and it performs scanning, measuring and inspection, blade machining and finishing quickly and repeatedly, increasing productivity and quality while reducing manual labor significantly. The RAPA G3 is designed to access any wind blade surface point by the anthropomorphic KUKA robot displacement over the rack and pinion drive system and the two rotation blade axes. A high-capacity vacuum system with spindle shroud is available to capture dust and chips. A drum-type tool changer holds 12-16 tools for automatic tool changes. RAPA G3 uses a guidance system for robots, developed by IDPSA that allows guiding a robot in space, with the theoretical wind blade model as the reference. The guidance system accuracy is less of 1 mm and is controlled by a distributed control system based on a net of INTEL Core 2 Duo industrial PC with color screen, handheld pendant, and hand-wheel controls.

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