New Gleason Titan Grinding Machines for Larger Cylindrical Gears


Gleason has introduced a new line of Titan® grinding machines designed to reduce finish grinding times by as much as 50 percent on cylindrical gears up to 1,500 mm in diameter. Titan machines are unique in their ability to offer users, on a single platform, both pure profile grinding for the greatest flexibility when producing single parts, and threaded wheel grinding and profile grinding working together for much faster fully-automated large-scale production. This new process, called Power Grind, enables users to reduce grinding production times by as much as 50 percent, by first using threaded wheel grinding to “rough” gears much faster and then profile grinding to achieve optimal gear quality, surface finish and complex gear modifications in the finishing operation.

The Power Grind process can optionally include an external setup table to allow the workpiece and workholding package to be set up in parallel with primary production, rather than sequentially. Workpieces then can be loaded automatically through use of an optional workpiece changer. These features, plus an innovative new high-speed tool changer that automates the exchange of threaded wheel for profile grinding wheel, greatly reduce non-productive time.

Titan 1200G and 1500G machines—for workpiece diameters of 1200 mm and 1500 mm respectively—are also equipped with a patent pending universal dresser. This enables the user to dress both threaded grinding wheels and profile grinding wheels right on the machine using a single dressing tool, thus eliminating the changeover time and expense of multiple dressing tools. These machines also greatly reduce the time required for the production of individual parts through pure profile grinding. A unique, patented dual-flank twist-free grinding option is available that can create highly desirable asymmetrical tooth trace modifications in half the time normally required when conventional single flank grinding is used. The machines come equipped with the latest Siemens 840D CNC and Gleason Windows-based Intelligent Dialogue software to greatly simplify setup and operation. For example, a grinding technology database recommends and optimizes the production methodology for the Power Grind process before machining starts, enabling even less experienced operators to produce high quality parts more productively. 

Titan machines are just the latest in a complete line of Gleason gear grinding machines that include profile grinders for workpiece diameters up to 6 meters. For more information visit