New High-Tech Lab at PRUEFTECHNIK Alignment Systems


Having recently inaugurated a newly-built high-tech lab in Ismaning, Germany, PRUEFTECHNIK Alignment Systems—LUDECA’s principals—strengthens its technological prominence and abilities in measurement technology.

The lab includes two large granite tables (20 ft. x 6-1/2 ft. and 36 ft. x 1½ ft.) weighing 12 and 11 metric tons, respectively, and a 1½ ton 3D motion simulator. The requirements for the measurement and test lab are stringent to the extent that the new optical tabletops have been mounted on a vibration and shock free foundation isolated from the building ensuring that any environmental movement is not transmitted to the tabletop. Tight environmental conditions within the measurement and test room are met. Lighting requirements are provided by 150 LEDs. The installed air conditioning plant regulates the incoming and return air through an elaborate piping system. An accurate equalization of flow ensures that identical environmental conditions exist at every point within the laboratory. The air temperature is stable at 71.6° F (22º C ± 0.1º C). The humidity is maintained at 40 percent. This new high-tech lab allows development of new sensors, lasers, and measurement systems that will further enhance and guarantee the quality of the production units used in maintenance of rotating machinery. It will also satisfy the ever increasing requirements for sub-micron measuring accuracies.

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