New HiPer-tex™ W3030 Roving Introduced


Engineered specifically for polyester or vinylester resin systems, HiPer-tex™ W3030 roving also allows for longer, lighter blades for both offshore and onshore wind turbines.

3B is launching HiPer-tex™ W3030 high performance roving – the third product in the company’s series of innovative solutions for wind turbine rotor blades.

Specifically developed and engineered for polyester and vinylester resin systems and for resin infusion processes, HiPer-tex™ W3030 roving provides yet another novel option which allows OEMs to manufacture longer and lighter blades for the larger multi-megawatt wind turbines located both onshore and offshore.

3B, HiPer-tex™ W3030 rovings combine high performance glass properties and enhanced sizing compatibility with unsaturated polyester and vinylester resin systems. This new roving provides optimum properties for rotor blades created with lower cost resin systems and therefore helps blade manufacturers narrow the gap with higher cost, alternative composite solutions.

The new roving offers up to 10% weight saving for the same design and length when comparing rotor blades manufactured with traditional E-glass. In addition, the turbine blade span can be lengthened by up to 6% while still maintaining the same weight though contributing up to 12% more energy output.

A more consistent laminate quality is achieved as HiPer-tex™ W3030 roving offers better wet-out. Higher shear strength and substantially greater interfibre strength and excellent fatigue performance is provided by the significantly improved resin matrix adhesion when compared with existing high modulus fiberglass in the market place.

3B’s technological expertise and manufacturing know-how delivers reliable, high performance, sustainable and cost-competitive solutions for wind energy applications especially designed for the challenging and bigger multi-megawatt turbine blades, according to the manufacturer.

Other recently launched products in 3B’s rovings products for wind turbine blades include HiPer-tex™ W2020 and SE2020 made with Advantex® glass, both specifically designed and engineered for epoxy resin systems used in resin infusion or prepreg processes.