New Line of Turbines from HPM America


HPM America has unveiled its newest product line—wind turbines. In introducing this line the company will be addressing the needs of homeowners, businesses, schools, and universities, governmental institutions, and other applications. The marketing campaign will be utilizing the slogan “1 to 1—Your Total Community Wind Provider.”

The new wind turbines will be available from a small 1kW unit to 1MW. They will incorporate Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) technology, which achieves more-efficient wind power generation and is able to produce more power at lower wind speeds due to its coreless technology. The ability of HPM generators to eliminate traditional cogging issues makes it the ideal candidate for wind turbine applications. This new technology eliminates the need for a gearbox to be used as part of the wind turbine drive train, thereby minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs over the life of the system.

In AFPM generators a coil is wrapped around a specially designed disc at the center axis. Magnetic discs then rotate on the sides of the coiled disc and generate electricity, consistent with Faraday’s Law. This kind of power generating technology is therefore ideal for wind power generation because its initial operation torque (cut-in speed) is lower than the current Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (RFPM) method.

AFPM power generation is classified into two configurations; the inner and outer type. In the inner-type configuration only the magnetic disk rotates, while the generator housing remains fixed. In the outer-type configuration the whole generator body rotates by fixing the magnetic disk to the body. Both configurations can be provided depending on the application specifications. When the generator is operating and producing electricity, it produces heat. As the heat increases, generator efficiencies decrease. To solve this problem HPM’s generators include a patented liquid-cooling system. This drastically reduces the associated wear that high temperatures can cause, and thus improves the lifespan of the generators.

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