New Slip Systems for Wind Turbine Generator Protection from CENTA


CENTA’s wide-ranging global experience produces an enhanced version of its Torque Hub, the market-leading slip clutch that offers a simple and low-cost design for torque overload generator protection. In wind power plants, electrical circuit problems are known to cause short-term torque peaks. In this event slip clutches protect the costly gearbox against overload by slipping at a defined maximum torque in order to temporarily interrupt the drive. The slip process takes place not on the generator shaft surface, but inside the CENTA Torque Hub, which is mounted on the generator shaft in the coupling’s clamping set.

CENTA’s latest development in slip systems—the “CENTA Torque Set”—now positions the slip unit to the middle section of the shaft. By relocating the slip function, manufacturing tolerances at the generator shaft no longer cause variations in the slip torque, resulting in improved accuracy of the slip function. Another advantage of the new design is that the slip system is made to be pre-mounted as a complete unit. The maximum torque is set on a certified test bench according to the manufacturer’s requirements and documented in a test report, eliminating the need for on-site adjustments. For more information contact Bob Lennon at (630) 236-3500 or Go online to