Next-Generation Harness from Capital Safety


Capital Safety announces the launch of the world’s next generation harness, the ExoFit NEX™. With first of its kind features and benefits, the harness provides the highest level of safety and the utmost comfort with technologically advanced hardware, soft yet extremely durable anti-absorbent webbing, strategically placed padding, and protective elements that prolong the service life of the harness.
“The original ExoFit, the industry’s first premium comfort harness, changed workers’ attitudes about fall protection. With the ExoFit NEX, we’re taking that to the next level,” says Nate Bohmbach, product manager for soft goods. “We’re turning the harness into a piece of equipment that workers will want to wear and that’s long-lasting. So we’re catering not only to the end user, but to the safety director and purchasing department as well.”

The technologically advanced hardware allows for a one-time adjustment that stays in place throughout the day and improves safety by ensuring a snug fit. The Duo-Lok™ quick-connect buckles now include a revolutionary locking mechanism to eliminate slippage and constant readjustment. Workers will no longer need to adjust their harnesses throughout the workday; the straps won’t budge, even with movement and the weight of tool belts that have traditionally caused adjustments to loosen. The Revolver™ ratcheting torso adjustor features a winding adjustment that spools the webbing as the user adjusts the harness for a proper fit. The adjustor locks into place and holds the adjustment, preventing slippage due to movement and added weight. It also eliminates excess webbing that can be hazardous near moving parts. Additional hardware includes breakaway molded lanyard keepers that allow easy connection of any size snap hook and breaks away to help prevent snagging and tripping. To learn more call (800) 328-6146 or go to