Pacific Crest Announces Results of Seismic Testing


Pacific Crest Transformers (PCT), a leader in the design and construction of liquid-filled distribution transformers, announces that its transformer withstood rigorous seismic testing performed at one of the nation’s largest independent engineering testing laboratories. The testing showed that PCT’s transformer design and construction is suitable for mission critical applications, including hospitals, command centers, and generation stations.

The same transformer was subjected to tests simulating six violent earthquakes over two days, each equating to real potential events from different extreme seismic zones of the country. The transformer was energized during the tests. The final two tests were designed to simulate the worst potential earthquake in the Unites States, the New Madrid Fault, located under a four-state area that includes Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky, but with the potential to affect an even larger region. In each of the tests, the transformer continued to operate throughout and sustained no internal or external damage. The transformer passed Hi-Pot tests and IEEE Routine tests performed before and after the shake table testing, which showed it withstood the shake tests without diminishing its operational performance.

The testing program was conducted by Wyle, one of the world’s most experienced qualification testing operations, which provides services to a wide range of industries, as well as the aerospace and U.S. Department of Defense arenas. PCT conducted the testing at Wyle’s Huntsville, Alabama, laboratory, which specializes in testing and qualifying equipment for the energy and nuclear power industries, automotive companies, and other high-technology industries, as well as DoD missile, aviation, ground applications, and NASA.

“No one transformer would be expected to experience more than one of these events over its lifetime and PCT’s transformer survived the entire gamut of possible events,” says Curt Collins, Pacific Crest Transformer’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This illustrates the rugged, robust construction and designed-to-task quality that customers can expect from PCT.” Learn more at