Pemamek launches milling tech for wind tower structures


Pemamek Ltd., a provider of welding and production automation solutions, has launched a line of milling machinery designed to meet the specific needs of the wind energy sector. It offers advanced solutions for longitudinal, circumferential, and edge beveling processes and the milling solutions are also suitable for the process industry, including pressure vessel manufacturing.

Pemamek is dedicated to helping heavy fabrication industries, such as shipbuilding, wind energy, and power generation industry, to increase productivity. (Courtesy: Pemamek)

One of the advancements is the high-tech Direct Drive spindle technology that Pemamek has incorporated into the system together with the German KESSLER. The servo-driven and backlash-free technology offers less vibration and more lifetime for milling inserts. Furthermore, as in each PEMA welding and production automation solution, the efficient control system and real-time process feedback have become standard features.

“Several years ago, the advantages of direct drive machining technology were already demonstrated through initial machining operations using KESSLER’s torque motor technology. I am proud to have been involved in this journey, and I am thrilled to introduce the machinery featuring a torque motor, spindle shaft, bearings, and sensors, all integrated within the same compact and modular spindle unit, developed in collaboration with Pemamek and Kessler,” said Esko Lätti, Pemamek product manager.

With the new milling technology, Pemamek continues to lead the industry in providing state-of-the-art solutions for heavy-duty applications. By combining precision, efficiency, and reliability, Pemamek remains committed to driving progress in the heavy manufacturing industry.

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