Polaris to Offer Financing Program for Wind Turbine


In an effort to help its dealers and potential customers, Polaris will begin offering financing for all wind turbine projects. The financing program will cover the total installed cost of the unit, minus any federal or state grant money. While many customers pay cash for the Polaris turbine systems, consider those who can’t or don’t. Presenting them with choices could open doors for them, and increase sales. For example, maybe they need a wind turbine but can’t spend the cash up front. When you offer financing options, your client’s purchasing power is increased and his money works harder and smarter.

“Preservation of capital is important to our customers in today’s economic environment,” according to Gerard J. Sposato, vice president of sales and marketing. “Financing allows them to upgrade their equipment infrastructure without depleting their capital. Polaris is happy to be able to provide our customers with access to financing our wind generation systems at one central location.”

If customers have their own sources for financing, the company will offer them an option and give them the opportunity to make a change. Customers are looking for a total business solution, and part of what Polaris sells is customer service. Payment options should be included in that service. The company believes customers will appreciate the one-stop shopping aspect of doing business with Polaris.

Seizing the need for a community sized wind turbine, Polaris America has turned its engineering and manufacturing capabilities loose on a whole class of innovative wind turbine designs that feature exclusive technologies and superior engineering. In introducing this new line of community wind turbines from 10kW to 1MW, the company will be addressing the needs of homeowners, businesses, schools and universities, governmental institutions, and other applications that its feels have been overlooked by current large wind turbine suppliers. Polaris corporate, sales and engineering offices are located in Columbus, Ohio. Financing applications can be handled online at www.polarisamerica.com.