PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Condition Analysis for Bearing Grease in Turbines Improves Reliability


Klüber Lubrication’s analysis service is now available for lubricants in generators, blades and main bearings of wind turbines. It examines several aspects of a grease‘s current condition, including overall status, oxidation, wear particles and behavior of additives, mixing with foreign matter and oxidation and the extent to which old and new lubricant are mixed after changeovers. A sampling kit with a detailed description is available from Klüber Lubrication. The company also will provide a report on the results of the analysis, along with future recommendations. 

In addition, Kluber introduces a new line of lubricants. The new versatile adhesive lubricant, Klübersynth AG 14-61 is designed for girth gear/pinion drives and plain bearings, or yaw bearings, in wind turbines. The wide service temperature range of the synthetic lubricant, which is also spreadable at low temperatures, ensures trouble-free operation. Klübersynth AG 14-61 can be applied by central lubrication systems down to -30 °C. The product ensures excellent wear protection and contributes to longer girth gear/pinion drive lifetime due to its combination of selected solid lubricants and additives. Furthermore, the new lubricant is very versatile. 

The synthetic gear oils of the Klübersynth GEM 4 N series offer high scuffing load capacity, micro-pitting resistance and wear protection, meeting the specific requirements of the wind industry. They are also resistant to ageing and oxidation and have good viscosity-temperature behavior. Additionally, the synthetic gear oils of the Klübersynth GEM 4 N series also have excellent anti-foam properties, as they contain raw materials with low tendency to foam combined with highly effective anti-foam additives. 

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