PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Herguth Laboratories Introduces New Flender Foam Test


Herguth Laboratories, the industry leader in specialized and innovative oil analysis and tribology testing is proud to announce the introduction of its new Flender Foam Test.

Critical foaming and air release properties of wind turbine gearbox lubricants are effectively measured and analyzed using the Flender Foaming Test procedure ISO/DIS 12152.

Excessive foaming and too slow of a release of dispersed air in gear oils have a negative influence on the load-carrying capacity of gears and bearings and causes low oil trips costing thousands of dollars if not corrected.  Additionally, excessive foaming can result in oil leaking at shaft seals and breather screws.  For this reason, gear oils should be checked for foaming characteristics and air release properties using an appropriate test method.

A gear pair rotates in the oil to be tested and thus mixes air into the oil. In this way it is possible to rapidly evaluate how oil behaves with regard to the absorption of air, oil-air dispersion, and surface foam at various temperatures.

Herguth Laboratories has a full complement of state-of-the-art testing equipment. All equipment is calibrated to the most demanding industry standards to provide customers with quality decision data.

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