PRODUCT SHOWCASE: IronClad Extreme Duty Foundation Anchor Bolt Caps


A brand new design, Norm Tooman Construction’s IronClad™ Extreme Duty Foundation Anchor Bolt Caps were developed to address the need for caps that resist damage from falling sheet ice and environmental exposure while more effectively sealing out moisture in humid or salt water environments. Extreme Duty caps feature four separate sealing surfaces including an o-ring and an outer flexible skirt. The Extreme Duty cap self-taps to screw onto the bolt, which allows for increased pressure at the seal and use on multiple sizes of rods. The company has more than doubled the thickness of the polypropylene material and maximized UV protection. The Extreme Duty cap will accommodate bolt projections from 6–16 inches and features a ½-inch ratchet drive receiver within a hexagon nut at the top for fast installation and removal. Heated grease or cosmoline can also be injected or poured through a protected port at the top of the Extreme Duty cap, displacing any condensation that could potentially accumulate around the lower portion of the nut. As with all of Norm Tooman’s products, the IronClad Extreme Duty Foundation Anchor Bolt Cap is proudly made in the USA. Norm Tooman Construction also sells Corrosion Block™ grease, which is applied to each bolt prior to cap installation. It is important to remember that bolt caps are most beneficial when used in conjunction with excellent quality anti-corrosion grease and thorough grease coverage on the bolt.

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