PRODUCT SHOWCASE: IronClad™ Grout Sleeves


NTC Wind Energy is pleased to offer its patent-pending IronClad Grout Sleeves. This product will save time and produce a better foundation for wind turbine generators.

The IronClad Grout Sleeve is a tapered polypropylene sleeve that is 3 1/2 inches tall with a slightly funneled flange at the base. The sleeves are tapped down over the bolts in the grout trough in place of foam rings. Once installed, they will protect the bolt from contact with grout and prevent grout from going down into the bolt sleeve. They grip tightly to the bolt and will not float in the grout.

For example, a foam ring that is 1 5/8 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick will displace 2.55 square inches of grout. At 144 bolts, the foam is displacing 367 square inches of grout in the foundation. If the grout has a compressive strength of 12,500 pounds per square inch, 4,594,590 pounds of compressive strength would be lost in that foundation. That amounts to nearly 2,300 tons of lost strength due to the voids created using foam rings. Grout sleeves displace almost no grout, resulting in a considerably stronger foundation.

IronClad Grout Sleeves project approximately 1 inch into the base flange when the base is set. The top leading edge provides the added benefit of sealing the area immediately below the flange. This prevents any potential for the grout to interfere with proper tensioning.

There’s no need to cut foam rings and tape them around each bolt any longer. IronClad Grout Sleeves are quick and easy to install and are priced at approximately the same cost as foam. They are also approved for use by all major engineering firms in the industry.

— Source: NTC Wind Energy

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