PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Larson Electronics Introduces LED Work Light


For more than 40 years, Larson Electronics has supplied the industrial and commercial sectors with the latest in high-grade lighting technology and offers a host of lighting solutions ideal for wind farm projects. As professionals in the wind industry ramp up their efforts and increase productivity, they are finding illumination to play a larger and growing role in the safe and successful completion of projects. High-quality illumination is pivotal to maintaining a safe and efficient work site, and project managers can realize improved performance through the introduction of newer lighting technologies such as LEDs.

The Larson Electronics EPL-FL1524-LED-X24-100 Low Voltage LED work light provides an excellent choice for operators who need a rugged low voltage lighting solution capable of providing the quality illumination needed for detail oriented electrical and inspection related tasks associated with tower installation. This LED work light is designed similarly to fluorescent tube drop lights, but features a high output LED lamp assembly that virtually eliminates the potential for lamp failures due to rough handling without compromising light output or quality. Unlike incandescent hand lamps which produce yellowish light and a prodigious amount of heat, this LED work light produces clean white light that is ideal for close work such as joint inspection and wiring installation, and runs cool so workers can forget about accidental burns.

The EPL-FL1524-LED-X24-100 LED work light produces 1,450 lumens of light output without shadowing or beam irregularities and runs from 12 VDC current provided by an included waterproof step down transformer. The casing is formed from aluminum for durability and light weight, and an annealed glass tube cover with rubber bumper isolators provides rugged protection against abusive work conditions. 100 feet of abrasion resistant cord provides ample working length, and an integral aluminum hanging hook offers easy overhead mounting. This LED work light represents the next step in work lighting technology and provides the enhanced performance and durability needed for demanding construction environments.

Larson Electronics offers a wide variety of lighting solutions geared towards the industrial construction sectors and as a manufacturer can tailor equipment according the customers needs and requirements.

For more information about the EPL-FL1524-LED-X24-100,  or to view all of Larson Electronics’ lighting solutions, visit, or call 800-369-6671 (domestic) or 1-903-498-3363 (international).