PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Leine & Linde Announces Updated Diagnostic Encoder


After 10 years of dependable service, an updated version of the popular ADS (Advanced Diagnostic System) has now been launched by Leine & Linde. The new ADS Online is Leine & Linde’s proprietary advanced encoder diagnostic tool that is tailored to supporting condition-based maintenance. The system analyzes rotary encoder condition and warns of impending faults before they occur, especially useful in large complex machinery used in the exploration of oil & natural gas as well as wind turbines and paper-converting machines. This allows for service to be performed only when necessary and in ample time to avoid unforeseen stops in production.

The significance of a system like this is especially noteworthy in large complex machinery where the encoder constitutes a central component for speed feedback with the entire system dependent upon it. Temperature, operating speed and vibration are examples of factors that affect service life and are unique for each application. Since encoders are subject to wear (service life can vary from a couple of years to a couple of decades), an ADS Online system allows users to better predict and schedule maintenance at convenient times instead of waiting for inopportune breakdowns.

Currently available on Leine & Linde’s robust models 801 and 803 rotary encoder products, ADS Online operates by a connection from the encoder’s diagnostic system direct to a PC or to an Ethernet network which would access to important functioning or trends of the encoder anywhere worldwide. With the assistance of PC software, users can obtain detailed analyses. There are plans to offer ADS Online on other Leine & Linde encoder models in the near future.

Encoder applications for those with ADS online include the ability to set custom warnings to ensure vibration doesn’t exceed specific damaging levels, program levels for frequency and shaft speeds to indicate overspeed or standstills, ensure that the machine does not overheat, prevent voltage drops in the power supply, and choose to receive an automatic warning when the encoder reaches a certain operating time.

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