PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Lightweight Dust Muzzle™ Works to Remove Fiberglass Dust During Maintenance


San Diego based-Dust Collection Products manufactures a complete line of dust collectors for the hand held tools used in the wind generator manufacturing trades.

The most popular dust collector is the Dust Muzzle. It is an efficient, lightweight and affordable ($24.95) dust shroud that adapts to all electric and pneumatic right angle grinders. It is made from durable high-density polypropylene. When used with a 2hp industrial vacuum, is capable of removing up to 99% of fiberglass and other toxic dusts at the point of origin.

The smallest Dust Muzzles are made for pneumatic right angle die grinders. They are available for 2” and 3” discs and are most commonly used with the 3M Roll Lock system.

The Dust Muzzle is also available for 4 1/2 – 8” right angle grinders. It can be used with rubber backed sanding discs, silica carbide wheels and soft pad sanders as well as many other abrasives. It will also fit onto all pneumatic RO/DA sanders and can be adapted for cutting with carbide and diamond blades with diameters of 4”–7”.

The Dust Muzzle can be used as a point of origin dust collector for hole saws and core bits with diameters between ¼” and 3”.

In addition to Dust Muzzles, Dust Collection Products makes point of origin dust collectors for Skil™ saws and needle guns.

All of the Dust Collection Products tools are made to be used with 2hp vacuum systems that have a minimum of 100 CFM, over 80” of static water lift and .5 micron or smaller disposable filter bags. Call for free, knowledgeable and experienced technical support to help design a complete custom system with HEPA vacuums.

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