PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New Carbon Brushes Designed To Lower Maintenance Costs, Improve Generator Reliability


Morgan Advanced Materials Electrical Carbon business announces that its range of carbon brushes are ideal for wind turbine applications, with new designs and materials that are resulting in longer brush life and increased generator uptime.

Morgan’s globally available brush grades are created to be environment-specific, offering maximized performance in low or high load conditions. Leading-edge laboratory equipment, coupled with years of experience in carbon brush technology, has led Morgan to develop advanced materials to address the environmental extremes experienced by wind turbines, including scorching heat or corrosive sea salt. The brushes are also engineered to deliver high performance in low-humidity atmospheres, a common environmental factor affecting many wind farms.

The field-tested carbon brushes are backed by unmatched application engineering, customer service, and global reach to support demanding environments. They offer exceptional performance, and feature low friction due to their superior film formation. In addition to being able to endure extreme atmospheric conditions, Morgan’s range of carbon brushes are tolerant to contamination and provide an excellent lifespan with minimal slip ring wear and a low brush-to-brush wear differential.

Despite their relatively small size, carbon brushes and related assemblies are a critical component in a generator’s overall efficiency and output. Morgan’s carbon brushes are ideal for wind turbine generators that are subjected to extremely harsh environments, along with other challenges, including sudden changes in wind speed, very low humidity, and the on/off cycling of the generator unit. Their superior design also results in lower maintenance costs and significantly improved generator reliability.

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