PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New E-RAD System Introduced


Torkworx, a leader in bolting solutions, introduces an electronic digital torque control solution for the wind energy industry. The E-RAD system provides a safer, more repeatable and user-friendly tooling solution that increases accuracy and includes torque data recording capabilities, where not previously available in older hydraulic methods.

The E-RAD system uses electricity directly from the WTG along with digital torque control firmware to insure high accuracy and repeatability. This eliminates the possibility of hydraulic failure that may result in injury or environmental contamination in the WTG.

With user-friendly controls that are completely programmable by the operator. In addition, the E-RAD electronic torque system operates at 75 db reducing the noise level considerably from older hydraulic torque systems. With exceptionally low vibration levels and a lightweight pistol grip style design, the E-RAD is ergonomic.

The E-RAD’s capability of real time torque data collection enhances the traceability of critical bolts that require regular maintenance torque checks. It also includes torque and angle bolt torque operation as a standard in a single actuation eliminating possible user error and incorrect torque being applied.

The unsurpassed power-to-weight ratio and the convenience of a lightweight ultra-durable portable carrying case eliminate the need to move heavy hydraulic pumps and reduce operator fatigue.

The E-RAD is available in several models with torque ranging from 200 to 6000 foot-pounds and accurate to +/- 3%. The E-RAD electronic series pistol-grip torque wrenches are lighter, faster, quieter, and more reliable than older hydraulic means of bolting, which insures that each bolt is tightened to exacting standards. 

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