PRODUCT SHOWCASE: New Shaft Grounding Assembly Protects Again Premature Bearing Failure


Helwig Carbon has announced the launch of a new line of shaft grounding systems to protect motors from bearing failure, a major cause of motor downtime. The stock kits fit most motors and various shaft sizes. They are easy to install, maintain, and work effectively in contaminated environments. Helwig’s grounding assemblies divert static and induced electrical currents in the motor shafts away from the bearings, protecting them from pitting and potential damage.

Several methods are available to reduce or eliminate the path the induced electrical currents can travel.  Among these Helwig’s Bearing Protector is a wise choice. The Helwig Bearing Protector is designed for a multi-year lifespan  while maintaining low shaft potential, minimizing your chance of having stray currents pass through the bearings.  The Bearing Protector is a cost effective way to keep shaft voltage to a minimum.

Helwig Carbon has over 85 years experience manufacturing precision machined carbon brushes, vanes, bearings, bushings, and seals. Helwig is one of the last American-owned carbon companies. They are known for fast, reliable service, high quality workmanship, and on-time deliveries.

For more information, or to download a .pdf file about the product, visit or call 414-362-6241.