PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Purnell’s Harness Hoodie Provides Durability and Comfort for Wind Turbine Technicians


It’s been 25 years since Brent Dehlsen climbed his first wind turbine. Since that day — when his harness and work clothes seemed to be almost adversarial — Brent has been on a journey to develop a line of work clothes specifically for wind technicians. And now he’s pleased to introduce the Harness Hoodie by Purnell, the first and only harness-friendly, durable and comfortable work hoodie created expressly for wind energy professionals who work at-height. It was a long climb to creating a line of work clothes for this industry that hit all the right marks.

“There’s a lot to consider,” Dehlsen said. “On cold mornings, you’re dressed for warmth as you transition from the truck to the tower. As you approach the top of the turbine, your body temperature has risen, and if you’re lucky, you enter a nice and warm nacelle. By now you’re sweaty and have to work in a confined area in bulky gear. How can work clothes accommodate such variable conditions and keep you comfortable?”

After longer than a year of developing and testing, Dehlsen and the team at Purnell have the answer, and you’ll find it in the brand’s line of comfortable, flexible, safety-rated, wind tech-ready work clothes.

The new Harness Hoodie is a prime example of the Purnell difference. It’s designed to be worn comfortably under a harness, thanks to lowered shoulder seams that help reduce chaffing under straps. The hood does not have drawstrings (something OSHA frowns upon in climbing gear). Instead, a zipper draws the extended collar together to keep the neck warm. Positive-closure zippered pockets located at the middle front allow access while climbing, and a water-resistant, zippered pocket on the left sleeve holds a cell phone or small notebook.

All Purnell work clothes are specifically tailored for flexibility and comfort while climbing wind turbines. Additionally, every garment in their Technical Gear series meets NFPA 70E standards for electrical safety in the workplace, with the Hazard Risk Category (HRC) level clearly visible.

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