PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Rigging Handbook Now With Metric References

Crane Institute of America announces the availability of the newest edition of the industry’s favorite rigging handbook.  Rigging, by James Headley, has been converted from imperial to metric. Providing practical information and great illustrations, the Rigging Metric handbook contains the latest information on wire rope, rigging hardware, and slings, including capacity tables and charts.
“For years, the handbook Rigging has been popular outside the United States for use in training,” said Jim Headley, President of Crane Institute of America. “Customers in Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East have been asking for a metric version of the book.”
Along with the rated capacity tables of slings and rigging hardware, the book covers how to calculate load weight, how to calculate sling loading, and proper load handling techniques. The information is applicable to rigging operations no matter where you are in the world. By offering two versions of the books, trainers and students now have a resource that improves communication, understanding, and safety.
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