PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SCIGRIP PPX5 Acrylic Adhesive Delivers Bonding Power For Polyolefins


Giving assembly engineers an alternative bonding technology for joining low surface energy thermoplastics such as polypropylene or polyethylene, global adhesives supplier SCIGRIP has developed its PPX5 acrylic-based adhesive that effectively bonds polyolefin substrates with little to no surface preparation or primers required.

“The PPX5 adhesive was specifically developed for high-performance bonding of these popular thermoplastic polyolefins,” explained Karen Brock Amoah, North American sales & marketing director. “PPX-5 delivers superior bonding properties without the use of solvents or volatile compounds, while requiring minimal surface preparation. In addition, it produces a bond with excellent resistance to water and humid environments, and cures at room temperature.”

While polypropylene and polyethylene plastics are used extensively because of their low cost and durability, they are difficult to bond because their surface properties repel most adhesives. The introduction of the PPX5 acrylic adhesive provides an alternative bonding technology to mechanical assembly or solvent welding.

PPX5 structural adhesive is a two-part acrylic-based plastic bonder designed for application at a 10:1 adhesive/activator mix ratio by volume, with working time of between two to four minutes, and fixture time of about 90 minutes. The off-white mixed adhesive is resistant to most industrial solvents.

The PPX5 can be used to bond dissimilar plastic substrates (polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and PMMA); metals (carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum); or fiber-reinforced plastics with a minimum of surface preparation to reduce labor costs and production cycle times.
Adhesion properties of the PPX5 adhesive includes a shear strength of 500 – 870 psi (for thermoplastics); and 500 – 940 psi (for polyethylene to metals), measured at 75°F/24°C.
The PPX5 adhesive is available in convenient dual-component 50 ml cartridges.

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