PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Slatercom Offers FAA-certified D1RW Obstruction Lighting System


Slatercom-WCD, located in Salem, Oregon, has announced the availability of the industry-standard Dialight D1RW Series- LED Medium Intensity FAA certified obstruction lighting system, designed to utilize existing xenon flash head cables. Existing xenon medium intensity lighting systems typically use either a five- or six-conductor flash head cable and are noted for being quite troublesome and expensive to repair. The new Dialight LED lighting system comes ready to install without changing the existing flash head cable thus saving considerable time replacing flash head cable. Systems are in stock for immediate delivery. The complete system is covered by a five-year warranty.

FAA rules require all obstruction lighting systems to be monitored and logged daily—either visually or electronically. Slatercom lighting systems are typically provided with alarm monitoring capability that can be connected into remote monitoring equipment. In remote locations such as wind farms, visually monitoring and logging of obstructions (as required by the FAA) is not convenient or even practical.  Slatercom-WCD offers several options for monitoring including the Slatercom Cellular Alert System, RMS Live Monitoring, WEB600 IP based monitoring system and the SAT4 satellite based system. These systems can provide cell phone, text or e-mail notification of lighting system problems and prevent heavy FAA fines for non-compliance. In addition, an automatic log of lighting system status done a daily basis can be downloaded to comply with FAA rules. These logs are typically kept on the server for at least one year.

Most wind farm met towers are installed prior to construction of the wind farm to facilitate data collection for wind farm design. These sites typically are located in areas that lack commercial power. Slatercom offers extremely efficient (less than 100 watts/ day) FAA “A” series lighting systems for these applications. The Slatercom Solar Harvester solar system utilized in these systems provide the seven-day autonomy as required by the FAA for solar powered systems. The solar systems are engineered site specific, guaranteeing a properly-sized system for the installation location. 

Interior wind turbine lighting is often provided by the manufacturer using florescent or incandescent lighting fixtures. Slatercom is one of the largest Dialight  LED “White Lighting” distributor. Slatercom stocks a large selection of linear (florescent replacement) fixtures, down lights, wall packs and many versions of high bay lighting fixtures. These long life, energy efficient fixtures can provide decades of trouble free performance. 

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