PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Timken Online Intelligence System Provides Preventative Solutions


The Timken Company’s Online Intelligence System (OIS) identifies potential bearing and gear issues before they become major problems for wind turbine owners. With operating conditions that change as frequently as the wind, mechanical equipment used in wind turbine applications encounters variable speeds, loads, temperatures and more, making it difficult to consistently and accurately monitor the machine’s health.

“It takes significant technical expertise to perform condition monitoring in extreme applications,” said Hans Landin, director of process industries original equipment and wind energy for Timken.  “Timken offers a comprehensive wind turbine service platform that includes online monitoring systems, a qualified wind field service organization, and upgraded solutions that can help lower the total cost of ownership for our customers.”

The Timken OIS is a breakthrough condition monitoring/data collection and reporting system specifically designed for these extreme ranges of a wind turbine application. The Timken OIS utilizes a combination of vibration, high-definition shock pulses and analog/digital inputs to identify main-shaft bearing, gearbox and generator problems before they develop into life-limiting conditions.

Early detection allows for better maintenance planning, reduced downtime and increased cost savings. Timken’s technology advantage and analysis helps wind turbine owners plan their maintenance and lower overall costs to keep equipment availability at a high level.

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