PRODUCT SHOWCASE: TWR Lighting Offers “All-In-One” Obstruction Lighting Solution


TWR Lighting, Inc./Orga Aviation offers the L450 LED “All-In-One Solution” The new L450 product range of red and red/white, medium intensity LED obstacle lights incorporate the most advanced optical engineering design and LED technology enabling the development of the most cost effective solutions for the medium intensity obstruction light market. The new L450 products are focused on minimizing the visual impact that obstacle lights can have on the surrounding environment, while at the same time further reducing power consumption. The L450’s “All-In-One Solution” concept, follows the designs successfully adopted over the past 10 years in the L350 product with the light having a built in power module, controller and GPS synchronizer.

Also available is the L450 RED LED/Infrared LED “All-In-One Solution”.  This new L450-864-IR-G product incorporates both red led and infrared led technology into a single medium intensity obstacle light. Using the most advanced optical engineering design for both an FAA L864 LED and Infrared LED technology enables this fixture to provide the most reliable nighttime marking of structures where military and civilian aviation night vision goggle (NVG) technology is required.

In addition to LED lighting for Wind Turbines TWR Lighting, Inc. offers a complete line of LED lighting systems including the LEDBEACON3 24VDC Beacon and PV solar power systems for use on meteorological towers 60-100 meters in height. These systems were designed specifically for remote solar applications and offer the lowest power consumption thus minimizing both the capital costs and cost of ownership.

In 2001 TWR Lighting Inc. partnered with Orga Aviation and introduced the first lighting systems to the U.S. designed specifically for the wind turbine market. The company has manufactured and distributed FAA/ICAO-approved obstruction lighting since 1981, and operates out of a recently expanded 50,000-plus sq.-ft. headquarters in Houston, Texas.

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