PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Wind Turbine Bolting Tool Solutions from RAD Torque Systems


RAD® Torque Systems offers a fast, reliable and safe solution for the installation and removal of heavy-duty fasteners. All RAD torque guns have one thing in common; they use a patented planetary gear reduction technology which delivers one of the highest power-to-weight ratios of any controlled bolting system and never transmits working torque forces to the operator’s hands.

The E-RAD electronic torque system has quickly become a favourite in the wind energy industry because of its ability to meet each wind tower manufacturer’s specific standards for torqueing bolts. E-RAD’s precision is truly remarkable with +/- 3% accuracy, +/- 2% repeatability and digitally traceable torque sequences.

E-RAD® electronic torque wrenches are lighter, faster, stronger, and quieter than conventional means of bolting:

• Lighter—Combining the latest advancements in ergonomic design with an unsurpassed power-to-weight ratio, the E-RAD Series torque system is a lightweight alternative that eliminates the need to move heavy hydraulic pumps.
• Faster—Compared to hydraulic wrenches, E-RAD dramatically decreases tightening times through the delivery of smooth and continuous torque.
• Quieter—Operating at only 75db, E-RAD may be the world’s quietest torque gun and is ideal for sensitive environments.
• Stronger—E-RAD is specifically designed for heavy industrial usage where speed, accuracy and mobility are of key importance. The double cooling system allows for heavy duty continuous usage.

An advanced touch controller case provides the interface for all E-RAD® tools. The touch screen allows for fast and convenient error-free adjustments to both torque and angle. LED indicator lights indicate the status of torque procedure for maximum accuracy. Digital data collection allows for full traceability of each torque sequence performed to generate simple computer reports or view data logs directly on the tool.

The E-RAD series is available in seven models with torque power ranging from 100 to 6,000 Foot Pounds. An exciting new model, capable of over 8,000 Foot Pounds, is scheduled for release soon.

RAD Torque Systems product lines include pneumatic, electronic, digital, electric and battery powered torque tools. They are the 100% Canadian manufacturer responsible for DB-RAD, the world’s first digital, cordless lithium-ion torque wrench and Smart Socket, a revolutionary transducer socket for torque verification and calibration.

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