Project to reduce risk, O&M costs of turbine blades


The Danish Government Scheme for Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program has awarded financial support to the CORTIR project proposed by a partnership of 21 industry companies and two universities headed up by Bladena ApS.

The total budget for the project is 3.9 million euros and the EUDP support is 51 percent.
CORTIR – Cost and Risk Tool for Interim and Preventive Repair – includes the development of a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, numerical tool (CAR-Tool) to optimize the management of turbine-blade maintenance in terms of risks and costs, with the main focus to reduce the levelized cost of energy and secure alignment toward maintenance throughout the full value chain. Early work in this area has illustrated that significant improvements can be achieved by employing an all-encompassing and rigorous tool based on known structural issues.

The CAR-Tool input parameters will be widespread from reliability data to detailed knowledge about structural blade and composite behavior during operation of the wind turbines. Relating the technical inputs to the cost structures within O&M activities, the tool output will suggest an optimum inspection and maintenance strategy to be used for decision making which is both technically and financially sound.

CORTIR will further demonstrate how blade retrofits can be deployed beneficially in this effort and support the reduction of LCOE by diverting from standard repair solutions. This part of the project includes both experimental and theoretical work.

The project aims at benefiting everyone engaged in the blade maintenance activities, the owners as well as the companies that provide maintenance services to the industry, i.e. manufacturers, wind-turbine owners, service companies, and insurance companies. The importance of covering the entire value chain is reflected by the comprehensive list companies that participate and sponsor the project.

“We look forward to being part of this project and giving our input on how the industry can minimize risk and O&M cost on blades,” said Finn Thyrring, technical manager from CODAN insurance, which is partner in the project.

Partners include Bladena, AAU Civil Engineering, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Kirt x Thomsen, ECC, Guide2Defect, Codan, Global Wind Service, E.ON, Engie, Hofor, EDF Energy, Equinor (Statoil), Innogy, EWII, Acciona Energy, Arise, Ørsted, Enel, Vector Cuatro (Part of FalckRenewable), LM Windpower, Nordex, and Vestas.

The project was scheduled to start in January 2019 and run for two years.

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