PSI Repair Services Introduces Off-Warranty Repair Support


PSI Repair Services, Inc., introduces its off-warranty repair support for wind energy operations and maintenance (O&M) professionals.

PSI Repair Services offers fast, affordable repairs, including upgraded/longer-life products, for out-of-warranty electronic, hydraulic and precision mechanical components that drive your turbines’ pitch and yaw systems and down tower electronics. Components repaired include printed circuit boards, PLCs, control cards, VRCC components, IGBTs, thyristors, converters, pitch motors, hydraulic pumps, servo motors, transducers and much more. All repairs come with a free evaluation and one-year warranty.

PSI uses the latest diagnostic tools to detect failures down to the microchip level. Solutions range from minor component changes to full replacement printed circuit boards, with enhanced designs to improve performance and reliability. These options allow you to significantly increase mean time between failures (MTBF) and prevent costly downtime and/or repeat repairs.

In addition, PSI provides comprehensive remanufacturing services for unsalvageable, obsolete components. Plus, PSI’s stocking programs provide fast turnaround to help reduce inventories.
“PSI Repair Services is a one-stop resource for wind farm O& M professionals,” said Mike Fitzpatrick, General Manager of PSI Repair Services. “No other repair service provider in the wind industry can match PSI’s breadth and depth of cost- saving services, or has a dynamic Engineering Services Department quite like PSI. The difference is clear for our customers.”

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