Robotic Submerged Arc Technology Solutions from Lincoln


Lincoln Electric Automation has introduced a new robotic arc welding system embedded with advanced technology that redefines available solutions for submerged arc welding (SAW) with a robot. At the core of this next generation release, Lincoln Electric Automation has patented a wire and flux delivery system that expands the possible applications for robotic submerged arc beyond the normal restrictions of previous mechanized operation. The new, integrated torch design with streamlined flux delivery allows the user to incorporate robotic SAW solutions on corners and path variations, previously not possible with other mechanized gravity fed flux delivery systems.

The system integrates the industry leading Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD welding power source to ensure superior weld quality results. The machine output is rated 1000 amps, 44 volts at 100 percent duty cycle. With 380-575 VAC, 50/60Hz input voltage capability, the Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD can be connected anywhere in the world, making equipment deployment easier for global companies. The digital inverter-based power source features Lincoln Electric’s software-driven Waveform Control Technology, resulting in unprecedented control of DC positive, DC negative, balanced AC, and variable AC submerged arc processes without cumbersome mechanical cable swapping. Subtle waveform changes can be made for precise control of the submerged arc deposition rate and penetration. The result over conventional power sources is increased weld speeds, consistently higher quality welds and improved efficiencies in single or multi-arc environment. The new Power Wave machine features new iArc digital controls, delivering processing speeds up to 90 times faster than the previous generation. The result is faster arc response and greater arc stability.

Lincoln Electric Automation also integrated smart technology into solutions featuring remote weld process monitoring that allows welding operational efficiency analysis. Using Lincoln Electric’s Production Monitoring™ 2 Web-based software, managers can track equipment usage, gather and store data by weld, station, shift or date, configure welding process limits and generate e-mail alerts. The system also features Lincoln’s True Energy capability, which provides customers with an easy and accurate method for measuring and displaying energy for critical heat input calculations. Additional capabilities can be added to the robotic system, such as Touch Sensing, automated path follow and vision-based systems for tracking, guidance and error proofing.  When appropriate for the application, these technologies can extend the precision and quality of the robotic submerged arc welding supplied by Lincoln Electric Automation.

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