Romax Opens Wind Energy Technical Center in Colorado


Romax Technology is opening a new technical center in Colorado in response to the growing demand for their technical consultancy services from the U.S. wind energy industry. Located in Boulder—a nationally recognized hub for wind energy technical excellence and innovation—the facility will provide a center for Romax’s wind engineering excellence, enabling the delivery of key projects with local wind energy clients and partners. Adding to the company’s 10 worldwide offices, and complimenting an established technical and sales team in Troy, Michigan, the facility will focus solely on the delivery of products and services for wind energy.

Recent growth in the U.S. wind industry has created strong demand for Romax’s wind energy products and services, which include component and system level drivetrain design and simulation as well as manufacturing, testing, and certification support. “Over the past four years, the U.S. wind energy market has earned its position as one of the largest in the world,” according to Dr. Ashley Crowther, U.S. engineering director for wind energy at Romax, “with domestic and foreign manufacturers all aspiring to meet the needs of this fast growing market.”

The technical center will initially provide support to important American wind initiatives such as NREL’s Gearbox Reliability Collaborative as well as assisting wind turbine and component manufacturers to supply exceptional products to the U.S. market. The first long-term technical partner to be supported by the new center is Boulder Wind Power (BWP). Identifying Romax as a key technical partner, BWP intend to design, develop, and eventually manufacture large multi-megawatt, direct drive wind turbines. Romax will lend their expertise to achieve a reduction in development time, providing BWP with design, analysis, dynamics, and instrumentation experience for the whole direct drive turbine drivetrain.

“This new facility strengthens Romax’s ability to deliver local development programs and provide mission-critical technical support on drivetrain issues to the wider U.S. wind industry,” says Andy Poon, director of wind energy at Romax. “In addition it will enable Romax to work more closely with research partners to advance wind turbine technology, ensuring we play a dedicated and active role within the U.S. wind industry.” Visit for more information.