Sapa Extrusions Brings “Aluminology” to Light


Sapa Extrusions North America announces the launch of a new marketing campaign to showcase the advanced technical expertise, unprecedented resources, and customer-focused solutions that have made Sapa the world’s largest aluminum extruder. Coining the term AluminologySM, which is the culmination of these attributes and knowledge, Sapa’s new campaign focuses on defining the innovative best practices that have become synonymous with the industry leader.

Along with a new ad campaign, Sapa is soon going live with a promotional Web site that illustrates the broad spectrum of services and capabilities behind Aluminology. The site will expand on Sapa’s many capabilities, including design, extrusions, fabrication, finishing, and logistics to highlight the company’s technological solutions and customer focus.

“Aluminology exemplifies the very essence of the technology behind our products and of our culture,” says Patrick Lawlor, president of Sapa Profiles North America. “We take pride in pushing ourselves and others in the industry to find answers to today’s toughest design challenges with the production and use of aluminum. With this new campaign, our goal is to solidify Sapa’s role as a leader and innovator in the global aluminum industry.”

Sapa’s innovative design solutions are improving products for applications that include distribution, automotive, building and construction, commercial and mass transportation (recreational vehicles), defense, electrical, industrial and consumer durables, and renewable energy. As part of the Aluminology campaign, Sapa will announce several new developments in the coming months that demonstrate its technological superiority and advanced capabilities. New applications for key markets and enhanced product performance will be featured.

Sapa Extrusions North America consists of 16 aluminum extrusion plants throughout the U.S. and Canada, boasting the continent’s largest plant at its Cressona facility in Pennsylvania. At the forefront of Sapa’s cutting-edge product development is its North American Technical Center, housed at the plant in Portland, Oregon. The Technical Center conducts the Sapa Profile Academy, an advanced three-day certification training course that demonstrates opportunities with aluminum to raise skill levels and encourage competition among companies and designers. More information is available at