Senvion Eclipses 10 GW Installed Capacity Milestone


Senvion SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group, installed more than 1.4 GW of capacity in 2013 followed by a strong installation start in 2014–thereby breaking the mark of 10 GW of capacity worldwide. This capacity is enough to supply 20 million people–or the entire population of Australia– with electricity for one year.

Senvion installed the largest share of this total volume in Europe, where a total of 7.5 GW is installed here alone—on land and in the water. In its domestic market of Germany, the wind turbine manufacturer installed a total capacity of 2.8 GW by the end of 2013. The subsidiaries in France (1.5 GW) and Great Britain (1.1 GW) likewise make a major contribution to breaking the 10 GW mark. In North America, Senvion is active with a total of 1.8 GW of installed capacity. Asian countries contribute 375 MW to the group’s capacity while the subsidiary in Australia contributes 196 MW.

 A total of 10 gigawatts of installed capacity on four continents in more than 10 countries documents impressively that we have the right products for the global market—from our tallest turbine measuring 200 meters in height for low-wind locations in inland areas to powerful offshore machines,” said Andreas Nauen, CEO of Senvion SE. “It was only recently that we founded a subsidiary in Austria. Turkey, India and Japan are other interesting markets we have our sights on.”