Shermco Renews Top-Tier AWEA Sponsorship


Shermco Industries, an industry leader in electrical power system maintenance, repair, testing and training, announced it will provide a 2014 Megawatt-Sponsorship of AWEA.

“Shermco has been a committed AWEA sponsor for many years, and views its sponsorship as a commitment to the advancement of the wind energy industry especially as the water supply crisis worsens in the heartland of America,” said Kevin Alewine, director of renewable energy services for Shermco Industries.

As a Megawatt Sponsor, Shermco supports AWEA workshops, conferences and exhibitions across North America that educate corporations and professionals associated with wind energy generation about significant operational, economic and energy issues.

“We support AWEA because it is the premier organization for the expansion of wind energy, a crucial lynchpin to economical, independent and sustainable energy in North America and around the world,” said Alewine. “We are proud to support this fine organization again this year.”