SKF Solution Factory Opens in the United States


The first-ever SKF Solution Factory in the United States has opened in Houston to provide customers with ready access to a portfolio of services and competencies under one roof at one strategically located venue. The first-ever 25,000 square-foot facility joins a growing network of eight others around the world.

“This new facility can equip customers with value-added solutions and industry knowledge to optimize their machinery performance and maximize operating efficiencies,” according to Poul Jeppesen, president and CEO of SKF USA, Inc. “The facility further provides us with an unprecedented venue to advance our dialogue with customers in a working partnership to help solve their challenges.”

Among on-site competencies and services the Solution Factory houses applications engineering, spindle and ball screw repair, bearing application expertise, sealing solutions, lubrication system expertise, mechanical equipment services—including mounting, alignment, and balancing—remote condition monitoring and diagnostics, engineering consultancy services, and operator and worker training.

“All these resources under one roof allow us to deliver customized and timely product and service packages tailored for particular operations,” Jeppesen adds. “We expect that this Solution Factory will quickly become a key destination for customers striving to increase overall asset efficiency, reliability, and productivity.”

The newest SKF Solution Factory serves a wide range of industries in the region and beyond, including petroleum and gas, hydrocarbon processing, wind energy, and general manufacturing, among others. To learn more call (281) 925-2800 or go to