The new SKINTOP® CLICK represents the most innovative cable entry system in today’s market. With its unique latching design, cable mounting can now be accomplished up to 70 percent faster. With no threads to cut or locknuts to screw in place, installation time is greatly reduced and is possible without ever opening an enclosure. Simply click the gland in and it is fixed, centered, strain relieved to EN 50262, and sealed to the protection class IP68.

The SKINTOP CLICK offers the same proven reliability, performance, and anti-vibration protection of the original SKINTOP cable gland, with the added benefit of the quick-click design for quick and easy mounting of the gland in any position. No special mounting tools, additional clamping rings, or locknuts are needed, resulting in greatly simplified installation. This fast and flexible cable entry system can save valuable installation time on a wide range of applications, including switch cabinets, automation systems, and plant construction. It provides the perfect solution for hard to reach dual wall enclosures and limited space applications where locknut installation is difficult. In addition, large panel jobs that previously required two installers can now be completed with just one person.

The new cable gland range also includes the SKINTOP CLICK-R with a reducing seal insert for tightening of smaller clamping ranges, as well as the flexing, SKINTOP CLICK FLEX version for additional safety against overstress and conductor breakage in applications such as hand held equipment, moving machinery, and robotics. For more information call (800) 774-3539 or visit